Why Mel Maria Catholic Primary School?

Mel Maria specialises in the primary school experience from the Early Years until Year Six.

‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’ - Aristotle

Mel Maria

enjoys a history of excellence

embraces a tradition of acceptance and community

provides a quality pastoral care that focuses on the whole child’s personal, social, spiritual and intellectual needs

engages in personalised learning that inspires and motivates students to pursue their talents and unlimited potential

appoints dedicated and highly qualified staff who provide a world-class education for students

develops a safe, creative and innovative learning environment that develops resilience and a positive mindset

has a supportive relationship with our parishes offering sacramental programmes

maintains a balance between nature play, and 21st Century learning, inquiry and explicit teaching

provides enrichment programs for gifted students

promotes a leadership program for our senior years

“We strive to create happy and successful children who we are proud of …we are more than a school, we are a community, united by our motto,’Unity is Strength’.”



2022 Robocup Champions

Open Division - first and second place Novice Division - second place

2021 State Robocup Finalists

2021 Inter-School Cross Country Champions

2021 Tournament of the Minds - Creativity Award Pr

Performing Arts 2019 Award Winners

Drama – Year 5 SJP Choral Speech – Year 5 PN

Winners of the 2019 Interschool Carnivals

Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics

Catholic Performing Art Shield Winners 2017

Musicals Excerpt – Year 6 Pater Noster Drama – Year 5 Saint Joseph Pignatelli Choral Speech – Year 3 Pater Noster

State Winners

State winners of Woolworths Inspiring Schools Award 2017

Robocup Competition Winners

RoboCup State Final Competition Winners 2017