Learning Support

The Learning Support Team assists those students who require additional support to meet their full potential in order to gain the confidence and skills to experience success in the classroom.

Early Intervention

At Mel Maria we recognise the importance of early intervention. Research has shown that the earlier learning difficulties are identified and acted upon, the more likely it is for intervention strategies to be effective. With this in mind, Mel Maria offers Speech and OT screening in Kindergarten and PP. Our Early Intervention Program for Pre Primaries (supported by Fremantle Speech Pathology) has proven extremely successful. Each student is screened in Speech Clarity, Comprehension, Narrative, Phonological Awareness and Letter/Sound Recognition. Students who are “At Risk” are placed in a small group and through games are taught the skills required. This program, which has been running for many years, is a crucial element of Mel Maria’s efforts in Early Intervention.


The Learning Support Teachers liaise with classroom teachers, psychologists, specialists (e.g. Speech Pathologists, OT’s), Organisations such as Rocky Bay & Telethon Speech & Hearing, and parents in order to collaborate and focus on the adaptations and modifications needed to specifically target the student’s needs.

Our teachers participate in, and promote networking with other Learning Support teachers to share examples of best practice.

Intervention Programs that we use

  • In PP we have 1:1 and small group support in Phonological Awareness, developing Narrative skills and mathematical concepts
  • MiniLit and MultiLit
  • Lexia Core 5 Reading
  • Repeated Reading
  • Small Group Phonics Development
  • Maths Intervention programs based on Extending Mathematical Understanding Program Principles. (Australian Catholic University.)
  • First Steps Maths & MTS online