Sporting Achievements


  • Winners of the CPSSA Inter-school Swimming Carnival
  • Second Place CPSSA Inter-school Cross Country Carnival


  • Fourth Place CPSSA Inter-school Athletics Carnival
  • Second Place CPSSA Inter-school Cross Country Carnival


  • Winners of the CPSSA Inter-school Cross Country Carnival
  • Winners of the CPSSA Inter-school Swimming Carnival
  • Winners of the CPSSA Inter-school Athletics and Track & Field Carnivals


  • Winners of the Inter-school Athletics carnival 2020

Physical Education

At Mel Maria we aim to foster a love for sport and physical activity. This foundation instils our students with the skills and mindset to maintain their health and well-being beyond their primary school years. Students participate in one Physical Education lesson weekly with either Mr David John (PE teacher) or Mr Damian Williams (Early Childhood PE teacher). Both campuses share the same Physical Education staff and run the same program in order to ensure that all students in our school have similar experiences, and we come together as one for our major carnivals.

The Mel Maria Physical Education program aims to establish a sound base in fundamental movement skills and physical fitness, arming students to explore the rules and strategies of games, sports and the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Students are typically exposed to traditional and non-traditional sports in order to broaden their experiences and transfer their learning to games or activities that they may be less familiar with. This learning allows students to be involved in organised sport outside of school and most, if not all of our students engage in some form of community sport or fitness.


These skills are also on display at our annual faction and interschool sporting events – swimming, cross country, winter sports and athletics. School based carnival are competitive, but participation and enjoyment are the priority for the whole student population. Interschool teams from Mel Maria typically perform well at interschool carnivals, having won at least one interschool event in the last ten years. Before and after school training is provided for swimming, cross country and athletics which helps to prepare students for carnivals. We also conduct a Running Club program which is hugely successful, engaging up to 200 students from Kindy to Year Six one morning a week across the two campuses. Parents and younger siblings also participate creating a fantastic atmosphere and school spirit. Mel Maria students always play sport with great vigour, however our emphasis is on playing fair win, lose or draw. Students from our school are often commended on their sportsmanship during carnivals, and this is also evident in their day to day demeanour.

Mr David John 

Physical Education Teacher