Mel Maria Catholic Primary School is proud to host a support program for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.

Through a partnership with Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH), the Outpost School Support Program allows Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from Kindergarten to Year 6 to take a full and active part in school life. Students attend classes whilst receiving support and individual assistance from a Teacher of the Deaf. Individual assistance may include developing areas of language, speech, auditory and academic support tailored to meet the individual needs of the students.  

Children are assisted in the management of their audiological equipment, including hearing aids and cochlear implants. Education Assistants also provide support for children in the classroom.

TSH staff are based on campus and run the program in partnership with the Mel Maria team. An Audiologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Psychologist, based at the TSH Wembley campus, provide support and visit the school on a regular basis. 

For children with a hearing loss, the opportunity to access the same educational options as their peers is invaluable.

For more information about the Outpost School Support Program at Telethon Speech & Hearing, please contact the TSH Principal on 9387 9884.