Campus Parking

We ask that parents exercise extreme care and caution when driving in and out of both campuses. Please be considerate at all times when dropping off and picking up. Please do not double-park, or park and leave your vehicle in the drive-through areas or on street verges.

Please observe 'Staff' car park bays and 'Reserved' and 'No Parking' signs on both campuses.

School drop-off and pick-up times are very busy, and we ask that you always be mindful of our neighbours, and practice patience and courtesy to ensure the optimum safety of all our children.


Pater Noster Campus

  1. Parents may park inside the school grounds between the church and the school hall – the entry is via Evershed Street.
  2. Parents may also park in designated parking areas off Evershed Street and North Lake Road.
  3. It is recommended that Kindy and Pre-Primary parents use the North Lake Road carpark.
  4. Parents are reminded not to double-park in the Kiss & Drive zones on Evershed Street. Double parking creates hazards and makes it difficult for traffic to flow.
  5. Year One to Six families may use the Drive-Through system that operates each afternoon from 2.55pm.


St Joseph Pignatelli Campus

  1. Parents may park near Bourhill Hall located behind the church – the entry is via Wichmann Road near St Joseph Pignatelli Church.
  2. Parents may also park in the lower carpark – the entry is via Galloway Street in front of the Early Childhood Centre.
  3. Limited parking is available in designated areas around the school perimeter.
  4. In the morning, parents may park along Galloway Street and walk their child to the classrooms.
  5. In the afternoon, the setback parking area on Galloway Street is reserved for parents waiting to use the Drive-Through system to collect their child. Parents may not park in this area and leave their vehicle.
  6. The carpark inside the school grounds on the corner of Davidson & Galloway Streets is reserved for Staff between 8.00am to 4.00pm on school days.
  7. Please do not park at the top and middle areas of Galloway Street in the afternoons as this is used for Drive-Through.
  8. Early Childhood parents - in the afternoon, parents are requested to avoid using the parking bays on Galloway Street and Davidson Road, but alternatively use the ample parking near Bourhill Hall – the entry is via Wichmann Road near St Joseph Pignatelli Church.


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