Robotics | STEM

Mel Maria is a leader in primary robotics. All students in Years 3 – 6 have a robotics component to their technology lessons. Hands on robotics is a natural futuristic part of classroom learning. The program helps develop problem solving, logical thinking, teamwork and has various mathematical applications.




At Mel Maria our robotics program follows a scope and sequence where students skill base develops over overtime in building, programming and sensor usage.

Our Gifted and Talented program students have achieved outstanding results in State and National Robocup competitions over a number of years. This program caters for talented logicians and problem solvers encouraging creative dimensions builds and providing opportunities for inventiveness and extension beyond the basics of robotics.

Mel Maria have a formalised scope and sequence to start to embed a technology skill base across the curriculum from PP-6.

Every child will be presented with the opportunity to have hands on experiences, with a variety of technologies utilising contemporary learning skills. 

By the end of Year 6 all students would have used OSMO, Bee Bots, STEM kits, Spheros, Animation using iStopMotion, Coding, Robotics, Drones, CAD drawings and a lot more.

Students will build their skill set over their time at Mel Maria. Technology is used to facilitate learning and engage each child in futuristic learning.