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Reflections from a past student

A journey from Mel Maria to UWA 

"I was fortunate enough to attend Mel Maria during my primary school years, where some of my fondest memories and experiences were made. Throughout my time there, I encountered a multitude of great teachers who taught me all the different facets of education. With the range of different subjects, Mel Maria allowed me to shape my own path with a sense of confidence in knowing I had been privileged with a high quality education.

One particular field which I became passionate in at Mel Maria was the Robotics program they offer. I was lucky enough to be part of the first robotics group at Mel Maria where we competed at the Robocup competition each year, showcasing our robotic builds and programming skills. The staff at Mel Maria assisted in enhancing and broadening my skills in robotics, thus after years of practice being given the opportunity for my sister and myself to compete at the International Robocup competition in Mexico City. It was here that we won Best Construction, came second in Presentation, and fourth overall in the competition.

I am deeply grateful for all of the knowledge, care and support the teachers and staff at Mel Maria provided me throughout my time at the school. It’s thanks to Mel Maria that I was introduced to the world of robotics, which has heavily influenced the decisions in my life such as my studies and prospective career pathways. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Science at UWA, majoring in both Neuroscience and Physiology with plans to study Biomedical Engineering at the end of this degree.

I strongly believe in the importance of educating children, and I stand by the notion that an education at Mel Maria is one that grants you the assets required for life." 


From Mel Maria to CBC and beyond

Zac receives the Edmund Rice Award 

The Edmund Rice Award is awarded to Year 12 students who model the teachings of Christ and the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. These students have demonstrated a capacity to lead others in their commitment to excellence, justice and faith, thereby embodying the mission of the college.

Zac received this award for being a genuine, hardworking young man, reflecting what it means to be a CBC gentleman. His authentic nature means he is liked by everyone, and his willingness to help others has resulted in Zac being highly valued by his peers. Zac is committed to personal excellence in his academics and he has shown an immense aptitude for service and being a man for others by volunteering, walking in solidarity with the marginalised and embracing an inclusive community. Zac truly reflects the attributes of a CBC gentleman.

The Certificate of Distinction is awarded from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Zac received this for achieving high results throughout Year 11 and 12.

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