2022 Mel Maria Primary School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is established to plan for the present and future operation of the school to manage all finances associated with the school and to advise the Principal with respect to school policy that has any financial implications.


For the 2022 School Year the School Advisory members are:

Mr Paul Hille                                         (Principal)

Mr Campbell Brown                            (Chair)

Fr Don Kettle                                        Parish Priest (Pignatelli)

Deacon John Reilly                              Deacon Pater Noster 

Mr Anthony Chillino                            SAC Member

Mr Michael Ballem                              (P&F Representative)

Mrs Nicola Thompson                         SAC Member

Mrs Monique Strauss                          SAC Member

Mrs Ros Nichols                                    Head of Campus Pignatelli

Mrs Joanne Scouler                              Head of Campus Pater Noster