Academic Excellence

Learning through play is how children “organise and make sense of their social worlds”.  Using innovative and creative activities as enriching learning experiences. Children will be encouraged to discover ‘self’ and feel safe to explore within the world around them. We will encourage children to have ownership of their learning, which will empower them and build a passion for knowledge.

Children should feel a sense of belonging in their environment; we strive to nurture their well-being while celebrating their life journey as they grow and develop.

We recognise parents as the first educators of their child. We seek to build upon home learning. It is important that parents have the opportunity to ask questions, offer suggestions and discuss any concerns they may have.

We recognise the special contribution parents make to the life of the school community, the class community and especially to the learning of their child.

We look forward to developing strong relationships with parents, families and children in these very important years of their education.