Academic Excellence

Learning through play is how children “organise and make sense of their social worlds”.  Using innovative and creative activities as enriching learning experiences. Children will be encouraged to discover ‘self’ and feel safe to explore within the world around them. We will encourage children to have ownership of their learning, which will empower them and build a passion for knowledge.

Children should feel a sense of belonging in their environment; we strive to nurture their well-being while celebrating their life journey as they grow and develop.

We recognise parents as the first educators of their child. We seek to build upon home learning. It is important that parents have the opportunity to ask questions, offer suggestions and discuss any concerns they may have.

We recognise the special contribution parents make to the life of the school community, the class community and especially to the learning of their child.

We look forward to developing strong relationships with parents, families and children in these very important years of their education.

Awards and Achievements

Mel Maria students participate in a number of competitions that challenge and nurture learning skills

Speak Up Achievers & Tim Winton Shortlist

Congratulations to Jayda Maher for being awarded ‘Runner Up Most Outstanding Speaker’ for her speech on “Down Under”. Jayda made it through five rounds of speeches to the ‘Grand final’ alongside a huge range of schools and students. Jayda is a charismatic speaker, who is a gifted communicator with a natural talent for delivering a vibrant, well researched and engaging speech. The annual Speak Up competition provided students in Year 5 and 6 with the opportunity to research, structure and deliver speeches that not only require a depth of knowledge on their chosen topic, but also an ability to present and deliver the content using well-honed speaking skills.

Congratulations to Helen Smith on achieving a highly commended in the TIM WINTON writing competition. Her pieced entitled ‘‘Floating on Air’’ was in the top 10 of 1000 entries. Helen is an exceptional writing and creative thinker. She worked on this piece during her WOW SEEDS sessions. We are very proud of her achievements.

Tournament of Minds

Congratulations to PN TOM SEEDS Team “’Somewhere over the Cell phone”’ who went to the State finals and were awarded with team ‘Honours’. The team was invited to attend the West Australian State Final, held on Sunday 9th September 2018 at ECU, Joondalup where they shone.

Well done on receiving honours medals and being in the top 10% ; one of three schools out of 72 to make the finals. What an accolade. We are so proud of your creativity, team work and dedication.

Bebras Challenge

Bebras is an international student Computational Thinking Challenge and Bebras Australia is run by CSIRO Education and Outreach through the Digital Careers program. The goal is to promote Computational Thinking to students in a way that highlights student ability beyond Science or Maths skills. In our second challenge for this year, students in 4PNR achieved very pleasing results. Congratulations go to Isabelle Noonan who received a High Distinction, as a solo entrant, and to the team of Lucia Rinaldi, Lucy Smythe, Olivia Mirco & Eloise Neale who received a Distinction.

Maths Olympiad Competition

Congratulations to Anika Zammit who achieved in the top 10% for the National Maths Olympiad Competition. Hannah Vajda, Dean Stirling and Eason Paini are also to be commended for achieving results in the top 20%. Well done to all of our brilliant mathematicians.